Golf- Jose manual Lara disqualified


There are plenty of ways to get disqualified in most professional sports but Jose Manuel Lara or more precisely his caddie, managed to add a slightly humorous new one to the long list. First off, those of you that do not play or know much about golf rules should know that the limit on the clubs that you can carry during play is limited to fourteen.

It apparently falls upon ones caddie to inspect the player's bag before play commences to ensure that they have no more than the limit. For whatever reason Lara's caddie failed to double check the golf bag and mistakenly left an extra golf club in. At the second hole his caddie realised his incredibly simple but costly error. It would have been wiser to just admit right then and there the mistake he was to be blamed for.

Lara would have had to add four extra strokes to his card, resulting from a two stroke penalty to the holes he had played thus far and continued to play from there. Seemed like his caddie thought he had the perfect solution, he decided to head over to a bush with the golf bag and ditch the extra club to save his bacon.

It turns out he was not candid enough because Lara's playing partners, Damien McGrane and Peter Hedblom, curiously approached the caddie to ask him what he could possibly be doing. He immediately admitted to them his mistake of the extra club and the zany idea of trying to get rid of it in the bush. As soon as word got to the European Tour chief referee, John Paramour, Lara was disqualified from the BMW International Open due to what was a "serious incident and warranted disqualification".

This is not the first time a player has been disqualified for having extra clubs and caddies know well it’s their job to make sure all is in order before tee off. Professional caddies reputation for attention to detail is everything in this sport. Some would argue that Lara should have checked his bag personally, as most professional players routinely do anyway. If he did and left the extra club in anyway then I guess it was well deserved that he was disqualified. This is a prime example of hiring someone not professional enough for serious competition in professional golf. The lesson is learned but he will have little chance of caddying for anyone again. Lara is currently 200 in the Official World Golf Rankings, his best finishes this season were fourth at the Avantha Masters and fifth at the Sicilian Open this past April.

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