Cookies: Information and Disabling

Cookies are a small file that help us understand how our visitors use this site and gives us a better understanding of how we can improve the user experience. We gather anonymous behaviour only in our continuous effort to improve our service and site access.

Strickly Necessary Cookies

These are cookies that are required for you to interact with the site, disabling these cookies will restrict your ability to us the site fully.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies allows our systems to gather information on your preferences to give us a better understanding on how we can personalise our site for your needs. This information can include such information as your language, the region of the world you live or the user name you use on the site. By using our site you give permission for us to drop cookies on your computer for these purposes.

Performance Cookies

These are cookies which gather information on the performance of our pages, for example which pages get visited the most or how long visitors stay on various pages. Performance cookies also help us identify problems our visitors experience. By using our site you give permission for us to drop cookies on your computer for these purposes.

Blocking Cookies within your Browser

Please note, if you choose to block or remove cookies on your browser, you may experience a reduced service and encounter functional difficulties on some pages.

Internet Explorer Browser

a)    Select the tools menu and then select internet options
b)    Select Privacy tab
c)    Move Settings well above the Medium level in order to completely disable all cookies.

Chrome Browser

a)    Select the tool tab icon and then settings tab.
b)    Find the under the bonnet tab, next select the content settings option.
c)    Within cookies, choose the option that disables cookies permanently.

Firefox Browser

a)    Select tools and click on options.
b)    Next choose the privacy tab icon.
c)    In history screen find use custom settings which is in the dropdown.
d)    Your cookies files can be disabled by selecting the most appropriate options.

Opera Browser

a)    Like Firsefox above find Tools on the opera browser and find preferences.
b)    Click on Advanced and select Cookies.
c)    Select the option which meets your requirements.

Safari Browser

a)    Choose the cog menue and click on preferences.
b)    Next select Privacy and select the option that you require.

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